7003 -- ALBERT, GERT et al. (Eds.)

Aspekte des Weber-Paradigmas. Festschrift für Wolfgang Schluchter
Wiesbaden: VS Verlag 2006
299 pp., Euro 49.90; ISBN 3-531-14994-6
Keywords: European integration, integration (Europe), institutions, lifestyle approach, Weber, M., legitimation, Confucianism, inequality, Sombart, W., sociology, action, rationality, marginal utility, values, individualism

Aspects of Max Weber's paradigm. Festschrift for Wolfgang Schluchter
The papers are devoted to Weber's approach which is characterized by the editors as being based on culture which determines the foundation of meaning of institutionalization and action. The contributions adopt this as a basis and - following Schluchter - deal with 1. understanding explanation; 2. ideal types; 3. methodological individualism; 4. multi-level analysis; and 5. success- and self-value orientation.