7007 -- BAL, MIEKE

Kulturanalyse. Herausgegeben und mit einem Nachwort versehen von Thomas Fechner-Smarsly & Sonjy Neef
(Suhrkamp Taschenbuch Wissenschaft 1801)
Frankfurt/M.: Suhrkamp Verlag 2006
371 pp., Euro 13,-; ISBN 3-518-29401-6
Keywords: culture analysis, cultural studies, theory in Cultural Studies

Analysis of culture. Ed. by Thomas Fechner-Smarsly & Sonjy Neef This is an assessment of Cultural Studies from the position of literary science, arguing that concepts should be employed as theories en miniature, Building on deconstruction and positions of the critique of ideology she aims at establishing a theoretical basis to Cultural Studies which have been lacking a clear theoretical profile so far. The book includes several analyses of cases, like a narratology of collecting, or the semiotics of exhibitions.