7008 -- BEHR, RAFAEL

Polizeikultur. Routinen, Rituale, Reflexionen. Bausteine zu einer Theorie der Praxis der Polizei
Wiesbaden: VS Verlag 2006
211 pp., Euro 24.90; ISBN 3-531-14584-6
Keywords: cop culture, police culture, individualization and police, culture and police, roles of police, internationalization of police, norms of police, migrants and police, youth and police

Police culture: Routine, ritual, reflection. Building blocks for a theory of police practice Behr asks what change are there in ‚police culture' in the face of increasing internationalization in police work. How does professional identity of police officers change in the process of continuing individualization? Behr discusses police research in general, internal identity, conservatism of cop culture, norm ambivalence, structures, levels (local, national, international), change of profile on the local level, loss of traditional roles, the structural logic of police action (right and justice, precarious situations,), conflict of prestige and hierarchy, ‚breaking the code of silence', cultural experiences (youth, men and women, migrants, exotism), reflection in police circles (in organizations, bureaucracy, supervision, dominance vs. flexibility, diversity management), and finally: redefinitions and new police culture.