7016 -- EBERL, KLAUS

Ganzheitlichkeit oder Differenzlosigkeit? Zur Affinität zwischen Ethnomedizin und moderner Esoterik
Paideuma 49.2003:207-228
Keywords: esotericism, medical anthropology, ethnomedicine, alternative healing, healing and anthropology

Holism or lack of differences? On the affinity between ethnomedicine and modern esotericism
The age-old separation of biomedicine and alternative healing whether religious or esoteric is presently weakened and the space between them is filled with attempts of communication, exchange, and possibly connections between the two. Eberl discusses the areas of research of the anthropology of religion and ethnomedicine and the modern reception of Ayurveda, shamanism and the like; then J.G. Frazer"s work in this context and the difference of belief and knowledge, Evans-Pritchard"s discussion of witchcraft, Eliade and shamanism, and overall the blurred reception of esoteric teachings in anthropology, in which sometimes scholarly principles are left behind. Eberl pleads for careful research and reflection in this field.