Eines für alles? Das Weber-Paradigma, das Konzept des moderaten methodologischen Holismus und das Modell der soziologischen Erklärung
Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie 58.2006:352-363
Keywords: Weber, M., methodological holism, holism, methodological individualism, micro-macro-problem, sociological explanation model, rational choice

##One for All? The Weber paradigm, the moderate methodological holism concept and the sociological explanation model
This is a response to the article "Moderate Methodological Holism. A Weberian Interpretation of the Macro-micro-macro-model" by Gert Albert, published earlier in this journal (KZfSS 57: 387-413), in which Albert defends the hypothesis that the sociological explanation model permits neither the consideration of macrosocial structures nor the inclusion of historical processes. It is shown here that this thesis holds true at best for the version of the model propounded by Coleman but not for the now available extension, and particularly not against the background of its central concepts: social production functions, the model of frame selection, and the development of typical ideal structural models of historically specific relationships.##