Bilder und Worte: Über Kommentierung und Archivierung von Fotos
Baessler-Archiv 53.2005:7-26
Keywords: photographs, documentation, commenting photographs

Pictures and words: On commenting on and archiving photographs
##Within the next years several hundred thousand photographs from field research in the last fifty years will be left to archives in German speaking countries alone. This article starts from the observation that ethnographers/photographers themselves do usually not have extensive written commentaries on these photographs in their private collections as they themselves do not need such. For archives in museums or other institutions a considerable part of photographs therefore will be of little value, as many of them can be useful for further scientific analyses only with intensive conunents. 25 photographs of the author from field research in the last nearly 50 years are given as examples for the information that is needed to understand their meaning, to make them objects of further research or to question their value for archives in general.##