Zur Archivierung von Feldforschungsfotos: Eine Umfrage und Argumente
Zeitschrift für Ethnologie 131.2006:325-342

Keywords: photography, fieldwork, archiving photographs, ethnographic photographs

##About placing fieldwork photographs in archives: Opinion poll and arguments
The turn of the millennium marks a change in the technical elements of photography, a change from chemical films to digital photography and storing. It also marks the retirement of a generation of anthropologists in Germany who started ethnographic fieldwork after the war, in the fifties. There are problems in archiving their field-work photographs. A survey by email among a number of them resulted in an estimated several hundred thousand photographs to be placed in archives within the next years. Another result indicates that few of those surveyed have detailed registers and written information about their photographs that would make a later scientific utilization possible. The article argues that different phases and aspects of fieldwork lead to a very different extent of information of the fieldworker about his photographs. A case is given for the extent of needed data so photographs can be used at all as anthropological data. On the other hand, there are conditions that are needed for photographic archives to use photographs in later research.##