Arthur Baessler (1857-1907): Visionär und Mäzen der Amerikanischen Archäologie
Baessler-Archiv 54.2006: 17-28

Keywords: Baessler, A., museology

Arthur Baessler (1857-1907): visionary and patron of American archaeology
##Arthur Baessler (1857-1907) is well known as a connoisseur and philanthropist of anthropological investigation and collections in Oceania. Commemorating his 150th birthday should also remind us of the support he gave to the Ethnological Museum Berlin in the area of American archaeology. Backing the idea of Adolf Bastian, founder of the Ethnological Museum, to constitute in Berlin an "archive of humanity", Baessler tried to contribute with collections from the Americas. On his third joumey to the South Seas (1895-1898) Baessler also travelled to the Americas and in Lima he bought the largest archaeological collection (approx. 11,000 objects) greater than the museum had acquired up to that time. Baesssler also made photographs, studied his collections, published the results and insisted on an appropriate presentation of his donations. In this sense Baessler was much more than a mere collector of archaeological and ethnological objects; he had a visionary view of the relevant subjects of his time.##