Netze und Netzwerke. Archäologie einer Kulturtechnik, 1740-1840
Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag 2006
114 pp., Euro 13.80; ISBN 3-89942-438-7
Keywords: networks, historicity of network theory

Nets and networks. Archaeology of a culture technique, 1740-1840
There is network theory in all disciplines: In present social and cultural theory it is hybrid actor networks, dating the "ascent of network society in the last 50 years. But usually the question of the historical preconditions of modern network knowledge is neglected, according to the author: there is no network research devoted to questions of the historicity of nets and network. Thus, Gießmann"s study is a programmatic attempt at the "archaeology of a culture technique" whose results surround us in everyday life. He focuses on historical and epistemic constellations in France as one of the most innovative countries, at the beginning of industrialization, discussing authors like Georges Cuvier, Vitaliano Donati, Georges Buffon, Denis Diderot, F.X. Bichat, J.-M. Jacquard, and Saint-Simon.