Abenteuer Grenze. Von Schmugglern und Schmugglerinnen, Ritualen und "heiligen" Räumen. 2. Auflage
Wien: Lit Verlag 2006
438 pp., Euro 16.90; ISBN 3-8258-9575-0
Keywords: smugglers, rebels as smugglers, gangs of smugglers, Mafia, drug smuggling, money laundering, human trafficking

The adventure of the border. Of smugglers, rituals and "sacred" spaces
Girtler introduces the typology of borders/frontiers, discusses borders as separators of realities, sacred spaces and places, rituals in overcoming borders, the elimination of borders, the black market, the cultures of the customs officer, types of smugglers and smuggling, smugglers as social rebels, smuggler gangs, smuggling as a business, "dangerous smuggling": the Mafia, smuggling drugs, money laundering, routes of smugglers, flight, human trafficking, and the world of spies.