7033 -- GREWE, CORDULA (Ed.)

Die Schau des Fremden. Ausstellungskonzepte zwischen Kunst, Kommerz und Wissenschaft
(Transatlantische historische Studien 26)
Stuttgart: Steiner Verlag 2006
376 pp., Euro 52,-; ISBN 3-515-08843-1
Keywords: museology, art and museums, art (Africa), globalization and indigenous art, Einstein, C., Klinger, M., Nolde, E., Musˇe du Quai Branly, Rivi¸re, G.H., science and museum, values and museum, peoples and museum, folklore and museum, Oceania in museums, appropriation of cultures

Showing the other. Exhibition concepts between art, commercialism, and science
##This volume is the outcome of a discussion that began during a sunny autumn weekend in Paris, where, in November 2000, the conference "Exhibiting the Other: Museums of Mankind and the Politics of Cultural Representation" took place. The event was organized by the Centre Allemand d"Histoire de l"Art/Deutsches Forum für Kunstgeschichte (DFK) and the German Historical Institute Washington (GHI). The idea for this conference developed in a series of conversations with Christof Mauch of the GHI and was driven by the desire to spur a productive dialogue between historians and art historians. We eventually expanded the dialogue by inviting museum professionals as well as scholars in the fields of anthropology, ethnology, sociology, and literary studies.##