Das universale Gedächtnisgut unserer Anderenexistenz im Menschheits-bündnis
(Miroir et image 8)
Frankfurt/M.: Lang Verlag 2006
196 pp., Euro 39,-; ISBN 3-631-54891-5
Keywords: memory and culture, universal memory, ethics and memory, culture and memory, Buddhism, Judaism, monotheisms, Plato, Hegel, G.W.F., Needham, J., Halbwachs, M., Assmann, A.

The universal memory of our otherness existence in the alliance of humankind
This is an interdisciplinary book discussing human memory and the conditio humana from a philosophical-religious perspective. Ethical, or religious responsibility beyond one human life is discussed in Judaism (its concept of god), reincarnation in Buddhism and the effects of that teaching in everyday life, and the "Mosaic differentiation" of mutually excluding monotheisms. Philosophers (Plato, Hegel) and their metaphysical arguments and evidence from the cultural sciences pointing to universalistic memory beyond human death is described: Joseph Needham"s "scientific universalism", Maurice Halbwachs"s work on memory, Aleida Assmann"s "spaces of recollection". Also, ascribed national character, genocide, cultural struggles, self-perpetuating cultural histories, humanism, and the "ethical international movement of interhuman responsibility" are discussed. Finally, the trace of the individual in the universal memory is described.