Funktionssysteme ohne Praxis oder Praxisfelder ohne System? System- und Praxistheorie im Vergleich
Berliner Journal für Soziologie 16.2006:337-354

Keywords: Systems Theory, Practice Theory, Bourdieu, P., Luhmann, N., epistemology

##Functional systems without practice or fields of practice without system? Systems Theory and Practice Theory in comparison
It is difficult to conciliate sociological theory of practice and social systems theory. This paper will, firstly, show the reasons for this in some important epistemological decisions of both theories. The results of this comparison will be used to point out similarities between both practice theory (Bourdieu) and social systems theory (Luhmann) in the basically convergent definition of the sociological topic. The central thesis of the article is that the discussed theories can only be conciliated if the convergence of the apparently different definition of sociality as practice (Bourdieu) and as communication (Luhmann) is worked out. Only then it is possible to complement the insights of Bourdieu in the durable reproduction of social inequality with the basic insights of Luhmann in the functional differentiation of modern societies. The goal of this intermediation is to improve both theories, those of vertical as much as those of horizontal differentiation.##

Keywords: agency, negotiating, colonialism, transcultural change