Der Einfluss der politischen Kultur auf Fehlwahrnehmungen von Verbündeten und die Außenpolitik. Die Vereinigten Staaten und Deutschland
Sociologia Internationalis 44.2006:85-122
Keywords: foreign policy, political cultures, Germany and USA, USA and Germany, perceptions of politics, cultures and politics

The influence of political culture on mis-perceptions of allied partners and foreign policy. The United States and Germany
##Foreign policy is formulated not only from geo-political dynamics, domestic political considerations, and economic interests; major features of a nation"s political culture also have an impact. In the two cases explored here - the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States - predominant views of the state and the location of "political-ethical" action were found to be influential. Variation in respect to these two axes, originating from indigenous cultural and long-term historical forces, chart many of the unique strengths and weaknesses of these heterogeneous political cultures. An array of patterned misperceptions and misunderstandings at the foreign policy level arise in part as a result of this heterogeneity. A postscript offers, by reference to the theoretical framework formulated here, an analysis of the important role played by moral values in the American presidential election of 2004.##