Sexualanthropologie. Kulturgeschichtliche Zugänge und empirisch analytische Erkenntnisse
(Studien zur Sexualwissenschaft und Sexualpädagogik 18)
Frankfurt/M.: Lang Verlag 2006
376 pp., Euro 49.80; ISBN 3-631-55188-6
Keywords: sexual norms, norms of sexuality, churches and sex, believers and sex, nudity, youth and sex, taboos of sex, sex taboos, contraception, pregnancy, patriarchy and sex, matriarchy, myths and sex

Anthropology of sexuality. Cultural-historical approaches and empirical-analytical insights
This is the first attempt to write a monograph on the anthropology of sexuality. The insights presented are based on hermeneutic and empirical methods, so cultural-historical, mythological, and present-day ways of looking at human sexuality are included. Major topics are sexual norms of the churches and their reception by the believers, nudity as societal problem and challenge in the arts, problems of visualizing sexual topics, birthgiving and pregnancy at child age. After defining the notions he deals with the author focuses on the "open" display of sexual attributes in matriarchy, then the shift to patriarchal cultures (a mythological-biblical explanation) and the following tabooization of human sexuality in patriarchal societies. Kluge then discusses sexuality as procreation in the Judaeo-Christian religions including current aspects such as preference of contraceptives in the last decades. He then deals with the development of th human being to becoming a sexual being (sexogenesis), nudity, verbalizing sex today (among youth), and sexual behavior of present-day German youth (behavior, contraception...).