Elitesoziologie. Eine Einführung
(Campus Studium. Sozialwissenschaftliche Studienbibliothek 2)
Frankfurt/M.: Campus Verlag 2004
203 pp., Euro 14.90; ISBN 3-593-37439-0

The sociology of elites. An introduction
Elites are defined and described, first under the heading of "elite and masses" (G. Le Bon, G. Mosca, V. Pareto, R. Michels), then "functional elites" (the masses, democracy, and consensus and functional elites, and ´strategic elites´), and "elites and classes" (C.W. Mills´ ´power elites´, P. Bourdieu´s reproduction of the ruling class). Next, Hartmann discusses several national educational systems and elite recruitment: the French ´ Grandes Ecoles, the British Eton and Oxbridge, the US St. Grottlesex and the Ivy League, the Japanese Todai Connection, and the German doctorate in relation to bourgeois habitus - and the last part of the chapter poses the question of an ´internationalization´ of elites. Finally, class structures in relation to elites are analyzed: meritocratic elites and elite consensus, the special role of the economic elite, and the ruling class in relation to power relations of the whole of society.

Keywords: elite sociology, sociology of elites, Le Bon, G., Mosca, G., Pareto, V., Michels, R., Mills, C.W., Bourdieu, P., education and elites, recruitment of elites, democracy and elites