Allianzbeziehungen der Patenschaft. Zur zentralen Machttechnik verwandtschaftlich gestalteter Patronage von Eliten kapitalistischer Verhältnisse
(Interethnische Beziehungen und Kulturwandel 59)
Münster: Lit Verlag 2006
325 pp., Euro 34.90; ISBN 3-8258-9672-2
Keywords: godparenthood, elites and relationships, alliances and elites, hegemonial elites, patronage, clientelism, corruption

Alliance relations of godparenthood. On the central power technique of kinship patronage among elites in capitalist contexts
This is a qualitative, comparative study of kinship relations utilized for modern processes of power. Leyton opines that ritual and mimetic kinship practices of godfatherhood facilitate the abolition of capitalistically intensified competition among each other and at the same time to activate competition against others. It is shown that techniques of kinship relations are absolutely necessary especially for elites. In this way the book contributes to a critical theory of society and arrives at the insight that even "western" conditions of power are based on such factors beyond all myths of meritocracy. Leyton discusses godparenthood in anthropological research, then varieties and types of godparenthood and its processes and procedures in relation to power. The last chapters deal with cases in various settings: patronage in godparenthood relations: first its characteristics, and "elite family" in Mexico City, ruling and godparenthood in the Central Peruvian Andes, and patrons, godparenthood and friendship in Ubay (Central Philippines), and there is a chapter of conclusions.