7058 -- LOER, THOMAS

"Embeddedness" oder Einflussstruktur? Soziologische Reflexionen zur Kulturspezifität von Handeln, diskutiert am Verhältnis von Vergemeinschaftung und Vergesellschaftung in der industriellen Kultur des Ruhrgebiets

Sociologia Internationalis 44.2006:217-251
Keywords: embeddedness, communification, influence structure, habitus formations

"Embeddedness" or structure of influence? Sociological reflections on the specificity of action, discussed regarding the relation of communification and socialization in the industrial culture of a German industrial area (Ruhrgebiet)
##Research on attitudes towards employment showed that the affiliation to a region was decisive in explaining them. Discussing the respective concepts of economical sociology shows the necessity of doing cultural sociological research on the regional specifity of acting and interpreting. By this explanations for research problems can be found, which are left unsolved by concepts like "embeddedness". For answering the question concerning the regional specifity the cultural-sociological concept of influence structure is elaborated. A regionally specific socio-cultural influence structure emerges in the process of people affiliated to a region working on problems typical for the region - here an interdependency of problem and solution to it is to be assumed. The influence structure is to be found on the level of the region"s affiliated habitus formations as on the level of their interpretations" patterns. By this the influence structure expresses itself in people"s acting and in their interpreting the world. To answer the question, which is posed by economic sociologists who are concerned with regions Why do different regions answer differently on the same external forces? an analysis of the habitus formations and interpretation patterns, which are specific for the region and in which they are structured by the specific socio-culture of the region, must be effected.##