Transnationalisierung, Organisation und Kultur. Organisationswissen-schaftliche Kulturbegriffe auf dem Prüfstand
Berliner Journal für Soziologie 16.2006:393-411

Keywords: transnationalization, organization, structural change, culture and organization, relation theory, convergence, divergence

##Transnationalization, organization A critical discussion of concepts of "culture" in organizational analysis
The article takes ,transnationalization", understood as a qualitative change in structures and strategies of internationally operating organizations, as the starting point for a discussion of the relation between organization and culture, as well as of possibilities to theorize this relation. ,Classical" concepts of this relation, it is argued, have problems to adequately grasp the phenomenon of transnationalization. It is suggested to adopt a practice -theoretical approach to culture in organizational analysis in order to achieve a better understanding of processes of transnationalization. By doing so, internationally comparative organization studies could overcome the old debate on convergence versus divergence of organizational structures and strategies.##