Die Gabe – ein neues Paradigma der Soziologie? Eine kritische Betrachtung der M.A.U.S.S.-Gruppe
Berliner Journal für Soziologie 16.2006:355-370
416 pp., Euro 36.90; ISBN 3-531-14293-3
Keywords: gift, Mauss, M., reciprocation, methodological individualism, holism

##The gift – A new paradigm of sociology? A critical reflection of the M.A.U.S.S. Group
To give, to receive and to reciprocate - that"s the basic formula of gift exchange developed and elaborated in the essay on gift published in 1925 by Marcel Mauss. The Mouvement Anti-utilitariste dans les Sciences Sociales, shortly M.A.U.S.S., a group initiated by the French sociologist Alain Caillé and the Swiss anthropologist Gérald Berthoud, continues Mauss"s work in a specific way. The object of this group, hardly known in Germany, is to establish a third paradigm, the paradigm of the gift, which is meant to overcome the dualism between methodological individualism and holism. After contextualizing the M.A.U.S.S. group in the field of contemporary French sociology, the article explores the sociological-historical basis of the group, the gift theorem of Mauss. In the following step the article analyzes the theoretical premises of the M.A.U.S.S. group which are thought to substantiate the paradigm of gift. The basic theoretical approach of the group will be introduced and its position in the field of French sociology specified by an analysis of Caillé"s crtitique of Pierre Bourdieu. In the final part, a couple of critical remarks on the M.A.U.S.S.-group"s methodological and sociological impetus are made.##