Publikum und Meseen in der Schweiz. Emblematische Vorstellungen und soziales Ritual
Bern: Lang Verlag 2006
209 pp., Euro 42.10; ISBN 3-03910-837-9
Keywords: museums and visitors, visitors of museums, roles of museums, functions of museums

The public and museums in Switzerland. Emblematic imaginations and social ritual.
In 2001 there were 863 museums in Switzerland. To understand the rise of the number of museums in the 20th century and using questionnaires in a representative sample the author has asked visitors and museum staff for their opinions: what do visitors expect, which are the functions and roles of museums, what is the relation between visiting museums and identity, and how is it possible in museums to encounter the Other? In this way the provenience of visitors was ascertained, their medium age (49 years), that visiotors were predominantly women, and a broad educational educational was encountered.