Beziehungskommunikation mit Komplimenten
(Im Medium fremder Sprachen und Kulturen 8)
Frankfurt/M.: Lang Verlag 2006
253 pp., Euro 45.50; ISBN 3-631-54438-3
Keywords: communication in relationships, relationships and communication, speech acts, compliments and intent, intentions of compliments

Communication in relationships via compliments
Interactive speaking and writing presupposes, or includes, the aspect of relationship. In cases of disturbance or disruption on the level of relations the communicative process is disturbed as well. The author included 45 persons in questionnaires and interviewed others, as well as applied participant observation in his research design. The first two chapters describe the methodology and take the theory of politeness (Leech, Brown & Lewinson) and E. Goffman"s concept of image work as a useful framework. Chapter 3 includes many excerpts from interviews and notes from both ethnographic settings (Germany and Cameroon) which are analyzed in ch. 4. The author found that numerous socio-cultural variables guide the use of compliments, and that there are great differences in the two settings. The last chapter discusses consequences for the contrastive research of speech acts, further research perspectives, and what the results mean in the light of intercultural or culture-constrastive grammar.