Gemeinschaft in Gesellschaft. Soziologie nach Hegel und Parsons. 2. überarbeitete Auflage
Wiesbaden: VS Verlag 2006
432 pp., Euro 59.90; ISBN 3-531-34225-2
Keywords: community and society, society and community, Hegel, G.W.F., Parsons, T., Habermas, J., Luhmann, N., communitarianism, modern societies

Community in society. Sociology after Hegel and Parsons. 2nd enlarged edition
The dialectics of community and society is reconstructed by the author as a central topic of sociology regarding an innovative theory of fourfold organization. It can be traced to Parsons and the concept of society in Hegel. Considering Habermas and N. Luhmann, as well as contemporary ideas of communitarianism, Opielka develops a sociological outline permitting foundational interpretations of modern society. After introducing the two leading notions (community, society) in sociology Opielka deals with social theory after Hegel (Heinrichs, Günther, etc.), then with theories of the fourfold organization: community in society, discussing structural subsystems of society, values as reflexive standardization, affectivity, formalized media, and generalized institutions. Next come community according to Parsons, Habermas"s discourse morality, Luhmann"s systems ethics, and final chapters discuss communitarianism (the value of community), and the present-day fourfold organization in the social state.