7077 -- RAO, URSULA (Ed.)

Kulturelle VerWandlungen. Die Gestaltung sozialer Welten in der Performanz
Frankfurt/M.: Lang Verlag 2006
316 pp., Euro 38,-; ISBN 3-631-54407-3
Keywords: performance, structure and contingency, contingency and structure, ritual and performance, authority and ritual, missionaries and films, impurity, menstruation, gender, habitus and performance

Cultural transFormations. Designing social worlds in performing
This book is based on an interdisciplinary research project on "theatrality" financed by the DFG (German Research Council) from 1996-2002. The papers discuss processes of social change in various contexts - how actors react to intercultural expereince in a globalizing world and how they re-fashion and re-interpret new contents - so, the interplay of structure and contingency plays a major role in these processes.