Fälschungen. Zu Autorschaft und Beweis in Wissenschaften und Künsten
(Suhrkamp Taschenbuch Wissenschaft 1781)
Frankfurt/M.: Suhrkamp Verlag 2006
425 pp., Euro 15,-; ISBN 3-518-29381-8
Keywords: forgeries in science, science and forgeries, authorship, proof and forgery, arts and forgery

Forgeries. On authorship and proof in the sciences and the arts
Forgeries are en vogue: Daily there are reports on fake passports, paintings, forged life histories, forged research and manipulated data. The 19 papers by media scientists, historians, literary scientists, cultural theorists and others reprort and discuss forgeries in their respective fields, assessing historical and theoretiscal dimensions in their discipline and culture of knowledge. The aim is to assess forgeries more exactly - a realm about which our knowledge is still deficient. Forgeries play with expectations and rituals, they point to paradigms, consensuses and conventions, to written and unwritten laws of discourses and thus show ex negativo notions of originality, proof, or authorship constitutive for scientific fields and artistic traditions.