7080 -- RÖSSEL, JÖRG

Kostenstruktur und Ästhetisierung? Zur Erklärungskraft von Lebensstilen
Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie 58.2006:453-467
Keywords: lifestyles, constrained choice, taste, high cost, low cost situations, aestheticization

##Cost structure and aestheticization? The explanatory power of life styles
Lifestyle research has become an independent branch of social structure analysis, that systematically complements classical research on social inequality in the explanation of social action and of attitudes. However, there are important theoretical gaps in lifestyle research: firstly, there is a lack of theoretical proposals to explain the statistical connection between life styles on the one hand and social action and attudes on the other hand. Secondly, it remains unclear, why life styles sometimes are very good predictors of social action and at other times they are not. In a first step this article puts forward an action theoretic framework as foundation for life style research, that implies a conceptual shift from life styles to cultural preferences. In a second step I develop three theses, that state relatively precisely the conditions for a high or low explanatory power of cultural preferences. They are empirically tested in a secondary data analysis, that supports the applicability of the theoretical ideas developed in the paper.##