Zum Todestag von Arthur Baessler (1857-1907)
Baessler-Archiv 54.2006:1-16
Keywords: Baessler, A., collection, museology, ethnographica

On Arthur Baessler"s (1857-1907) death anniversary
##Arthur Baessler (1857-1907) was one of the most important donors of the Ethnological Museum Berlin. Born into a rich Saxon family, he devoted his time and his money to travelling and collecting. Four extensive journeys took him to Oceania, Asia and the Americas where he compiled large collections of ethnographic and anthropological artifacts most of which he donated to museums. The private scholar was a member of various scientific circles in Berlin. When Baessler died in March 1907, he left his entire fortune to the Prussian state, money which was dedicated to funding ethnographic research, collecting and publishing.##