Modelle der interdisziplinären Zusammenarbeit zwischen Ethnologie und Naturwissenschaften
Sociologus 56.2006:15-36
Keywords: interdisciplinary cooperation, natural sciences and anthropology, epistemology

##Models of interdisciplinary cooperation between social anthropology and the natural sciences
The paper discusses the epistemological prerequisites of interdisciplinary cooperation between anthropology and the natural sciences. Interdisciplinary research requires the formation of concepts that can integrate the research activities and results of the different disciplines within a common theoretical framework. The anthropology of the age of discovery, ecological anthropology, and three recent directions in the study of human environmental interaction are analysed as examples of two different models for joint research between anthropology and the natural sciences. One of these models represents the merging of disciplines under a common paradigm, the other a complementary relation of disciplines with each discipline working under its own paradigm. In the first model, culture is conceptualized as a natural or ecological unit; anthropological work is thus put into a natural science form which easily fits natural science theorizing. In the second model, different disciplines are combined by concepts that are defined as part of a social science as well as natural science research question.##