Logik der Situationsdefinition und Logik der Handlungsselektion
Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie 58.2006:433-452
Keywords: theory of action, value rationality, action rationality, Weber, M.

##The case of the value rational action. The logic of the definition of the situation in the Max Weber"s theory of action
This article presents a conception of "definition of situation" in reference to the theory of action of Max Weber which is an alternative to Hartmut Esser"s "theory of frame-selection" (TdFS). The basic deficiency of the theory of Esser exists in the absence of the value-reference of the cultural frames what can be observed especially in Esser"s formalisations of the value-rational action. But the objection is related to the whole TdSF. In order to overcome the utilitarian shortcoming of this model I propose to differentiate between the logic of the situation and the logic of the selection of action. The definition of the situation does not follow the principle of utility-maximizing, but the principle of value-reasoning. Both levels of selection-process are related to each other. But each of these levels has a specific principle of the selection, which cannot be violated without a decrease of the rationality of action.##