HIV und Aids. Die kulturelle Reaktion zum Ende des 20. und zu Beginn des 21. Jahrhunderts
Curare 28.2005:137-151
Keywords: HIV, AIDS, culture and AIDS, epidemics, public health, medical anthropology, voluntariness, democracy and coercion

##HIV and AIDS: The cultural response in the late 20th and early 21st centuries
In addition to a medical response, HIV/AIDS requires a reaction that is rooted in current Western culture. Reflecting on experiences with epidemics in past centuries, this paper introduces numerous issues related to the cultural response to HIV/AIDS that show a new sensibility towards groups exhibiting socially not widely accepted types of behaviour, as well the impact of political interventions of members of high risk communities. In this regard, a democratic, voluntaristic approach, as was conceptualized in the context of a New Public Health, is contrasted with the conventional authoritarian approach in response to epidemics. The question is raised whether numerous disquieting violations of the rules of the democratic voluntaristic approach will eventually lead to a shift towards a more authoritarian approach.##

Keywords: Elias, N., court culture, civilization (theory), Ludwig XIV, women and court society