Grundmotive einer Phänomenologie des Fremden
Frankfurt/M.: Suhrkamp Verlag 2006
134 pp., Euro 14.80; ISBN 3-518-58460-X
Keywords: alterity, philosophy of alterity, ontology, epistemology, body, identity, otherness

Foundations of a phenomenology of alterity
This is a philosophical exploration of alterity, describing the human being as existing between different realms: while there are orders and borders (delimitations), there is limitless space as well, self-hood, alterity, and contingency. There are the senses, responses to what is outside the self, the enigma of the body experiencing itself and otherness. The latter experience leads to the senses (epistemology) and attention (techniques and ways of attention). The last chapter deals with interculturality as an in-between space (the ambiguity of the other, alienness vs. alterity, intervowenness of self and other, xenology and xenopolitics.