Die Ethnographie popularer Kulturen. Eine Einführung
(UTB 2853)
Wien: Böhlau Verlag 2006
411 pp., Euro 24.90; ISBN 3-8252-2853-8
Keywords: popular cultures, ethnography of popular cultures, ascriptions to pop cultures, primitivism, creativity, resistance, lower classes, innovation, survival, workers" culture, counter-cultures

The ethnography of popular cultures. An introduction
The culture of lower social and educational strata of the society is the topic of folklore studies (Volkskunde, European Ethnology, Empirical Science of Culture). This book presents the first detailed overview of this "ethnography of popular cultures", combining historical and current research and the discourse on present research aims. Instead of proceding from theories, subject matter, or methods, as done in other introductory textbooks, this one takes three classical leitmotifs of ethnographic lower class representation as a guideline: the ascriptions of primitivism (evolutionary, re-volutionary, gender research), creativity (survival, self-innovation and –modernization, popular aesthetics), and resistance (of rural populations, workers" cultures, popular modern, youth protest, entertainment as counter-culture). A chapter on research perspectives and appendices conclude the book.