"Faites vos jeux": Eine kleine Kultursoziologie des Casinos
Sociologia Internationalis 44.2006:253-273
Keywords: casinos, games, hazard, risk

A brief cultural history of the Casino
##All times, games and games of hazard especially have been part of the cultural history of mankind and have developed variant forms and special places likewise. A both exclusive and myth-assigned place for games of hazard is the casino, a well-nigh autonomous and, in Focault"s words, heterotopic space or subuniverse of social entertainment, adventure and financial risk. The article focuses on a still missing sociological analysis of the history and culture of this original European institution. Of special interest are the issues, which form the casino has developed until now, on which cultural practices and directives of action it is based and which descriptions have evolved between myth, moral condemnation and sociopolitical control.##