Die geselischaftliche Heterogenitdt der Länder Afrikas und Asiens und ihre Entwicklungsrelevanz
Zeitschrift für Soziologie 35.2006:286-304
Keywords: development and heterogeneity, societal heterogeneity, heterogeneity and development, colonialialism, economy and development

##Societal heterogeneity in Africa and Asia: A comparative analysis of Its impact on development
New datasets allow sociological research for the first time to distinguish between different dimensions of societal heterogeneity, to analyze the relations between these dimensions, and to assess their relevance for develeopment in a comparative manner. This article analyzes data on ethnic, linguistic, and religious heterogeneity in African and Asian countries. The data indicate that the current level of heterogeneity in both regions has been shaped largely by pre-colonial, long-term historical development processes. The post-colonial situation of heterogeneity is a highly significant factor in socio-economic developmental performance: More homogenous countries have stronger economic growth, and their populations reach a higher level of life expectancy. Ethnic cleavages prove to be of the highest relevance.##