Afrikanische Migranten in Deutschland und ihr Umgang mit HIV/Aids
Curare 28.2005:188-200
Keywords: HIV, AIDS, culture and Aids, migration and Aids, public health, explaining Aids, stigmatization, taboo

##African migrants in Germany and their way of coping with HIV/AIDS
Due to migration movements HIV/AIDS among Africans has also become a relevant subject for medical and advisory centres in Germany. This article wants to present research results about ways of coping with the sub,iect and the disease AIDS among African migrants. Two domains in particular show special conceptions of African migrants: These are explanatory models for AIDS on the one hand and the stigmatization of infected people or the taboo to speak about the sub.iect in African communities on the other hand. Here cultural-specific as well as migration-specific factors have an effect on special ways of behaviour. Whereas at the beginning the two domains explanatory models and stigmatization are analyzed separately, the final aim consists in making a relation between them and showing to what extent they possibly influence and are a result of one another.##