Die Bedeutung des Konzeptes Baraka im städtischen Armenmilieu in Tunesien gestern, heute und morgen
Curare 29.2006:165-171
Keywords: baraka, prediction, divination, daggaza, sorcery, sahar, wise women, arifa, folk healers, healers

##"Baraka" in the poor urban areas of Tunesia: past, present and future

"Baraka", the gift to predict, to prevent. to avoid and, finally, to heal an illness-this sometimes mysterious looking concept is often presented through the lense of different narratives and legends. This paper reports new findings of practising baraka. It was undertaken in an urban environment of socially disadvantaged populations and sheds new light on divinors (Daggaza), wise women (arifa), sorcerers (sahar) and other folkhealers. who are said to own the gift of baraka. The urban milieu was chosen, because it was easier to have access to information here. Furthermore the whole region of the Maghreb and especially the socially disadvantaged populations of Tunisia offer a broad scope for anthropological and demographic research, because this is where these populations with a traditional life style meet the world of the well informed and educated people. The article consists of three parts: (1) A short report describing baraka; (2) its applications and the therapeutic itineraries in the research area and (3) some explications how Baraka works within the social actions of the chosen context.##