In den Fängen der Spinne (sida). Sida/Aids bei den Lobi in Burkina Faso: Homonymie und klinische Homologie
Curare 28.2005:169-185
Keywords: AIDS, HIV, culture and Aids, sida, homology, gold rush, homonymy

In the clutches of the spider (sida). Sida/Aids among the Lobi of Burkina Faso: Homonymy and clinical homology
##In the languages of the Lobi in Burkina Faso AIDS is a generic term given to the spider. The homonymy with AIDS is made by chance; nevertheless it reveals good understanding in the world of oral traditions as well as in the real world, and the medical one. But, on the other side, it creates problems, too. Disregarding the early times or confusion this homonymy inscribes in an environment of open struggle and can be seen as having a prophetic meaning. The illness is attacked by various associations fighting with the help of the people. The former meaning declines. The antiretroviral treatments begin to become accessible. But it does not stop AIDS. The Ivory Coast is at the moment in a civil war, and sick and deprived migrants enter Burkina Faso, in the areas of the Lobi a new gold rush makes it even worse.##