Making the Difference? Structure, agency and culture in anthropological research on gender and Aids in Africa
Curare 28.2005:266-280
Keywords: AIDS, HIV, gender and Aids, culture and Aids, morals, religion and Aids

##This review article explores the anthropological literature on gender and HIV/Aids in sub-Saharan Africa which has in the past decade focused mainly on the political economies of sexuality and gender relations on local, national and global levels and their influence on the vulnerability of women. The authors argue that, in order to grasp the complexity of gender-specific factors of the epidemic, this structural approach has to be broadened and supplemented by more recent approaches in the anthropology of gender. The latter focus increasingly on differences within gender groups, on the variability of gender concepts and on the agency of women and men; on aspects, that is, which have often been neglected in earlier, structural studies on gender and HIV/Aids. The authors argue for a dialogue between these various approaches and a stronger consideration of cultural, religious and moral aspects in studies on gender and HIV/Aids in Africa.##