Islamisation and ethnic conversion in Nigeria
Anthropos 101.2006:37-53
Keywords: Islamization, ethnic conversion, conversion (ethnic), Hausa-Fulani, Sharia

##In the Middle Belt of Nigeria, between the Muslim north and the Christian south of the country, ownership of land is contested between Hausa-Fulani "settlers" from the north and "indigenous" ethnic groups which are mostly Christian and traditionalist. The migrants. who are still a minority, try to spread their faith among the "native" population. Those who convert tend to assume the language, culture, and political loyalties of the Hausa-Fulani settlers. This process of ethnic conversion has been reinforced by the recent Sharia campaign. With the call to fight for Sharia, indigenous Muslims are put under pressure to prove that their new faith is more important to them than their old "tribal" loyalties. Where armed conflicts broke out, most convert sided with the Hausa-Fulani migrants and fought, in the name of religion, against their (former) Christian or traditionalist kin.##