"Culture of Rape": Männer, sexuelle Gewalt und HIV/Aids in Südafrika
Curare 28.2005:289-308
Keywords: AIDS, HIV, rape and Aids, causes of rape, meanings of rape, masculinity and rape, violence, sexual violence

##"Culture of Rape": Men, sexual violence and HIV/AIDS in South Africa South Africa, with app. 5.3 Mio. affected and infected people, has got the highest amount of people living with HIV and AIDS in the world. At the same time, there is no other country with such alarming rates of rape and sexual violence. The South African Law Commission estimates that 1.7 Mio. cases occur each year, translating into every third women being raped during her life. 41% of the survivors are younger than 12 years, albeit a quarter of the culprits are still children themselves. Culprits and victims origin from all layers of the society but the majority stem from the still underprivileged black majority. Interpretations have to take into consideration the gender roles and relations in the African tradition and their changes due to modernization. Cultural dispositions enforce a masculinity that is prone to violence. Sexual violence, though, like any form of violence in South Africa, cannot be understood without the heritage of violence of the periods of Colonisation and Apartheid. The political change from Apartheid to Democracy finally challenged and changed the gender roles. The position of men is different within the new South Africa. The majority of the perpetrators are marginalized men trying to reconstruct the lost male dominance. Rapc then appears as a socio-cultural induced coping strategy to compensate the missing power and control, to ease the stress of the actual loss of power and the contradictory internalised gender expectations.##