Infertility and in-vitro fertilization in Bamako, Mali: Women"s experience, avenues for solution and social contexts impacting on gynaecological consultations
Curare 29.2006:35-46
Keywords: infertility, biomedicine and communication, In-vitro fertilisation, Mande and childbirth, medical anthropology

##Lived experiences of Mande women suffering infertility and childlessness in Bamako are the focus of this article. Two case studies describe women"s living conditions and their perceptions of infertility. Additionally, Mande women"s perspectives of local social solutions to infertility such as foster-children and, polygyny - as well as different biomedical therapies including In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF) are discussed. Here two aspects are remarkable: Whereas biomedical practitioners are heavily criticized for their styles of communication, there was little criticism of the IVF procedures themselves. To provide a better understanding of the complex contexts in which women experience infertility and its solutions in Bamako, this article explores Mande fertility concepts, women"s willingness to criticize practitioners but not the practice, and to what extent Mande social status categories shape Mande women"s infertility experiences.##