Verführung oder Bekehrung? Zensur und Islam in nordnigerianischen Videodiskursen
Sociologus 55.2005:61-88
Keywords: Islam and censorship, censorship and Islam, conversion to Islam, videos and sharia, sharia and videos

##Seduction or conversion? Censorship and Islam in Northern Nigerian video discourses
This article sketches local debates about the religious legitimacy and cultural authenticity of video film production in Muslim northern Nigeria. After the introduction of shari"a in December 2000 the government of Kano State established a new board for film and video censorship charged with the responsibility to "sanitize" the video industry and enforce the compliance of video films with moral standards of Islam. Some stakeholders of the industry took up the challenge and responded by propagating religion with a new feature genre of conversion to Islam. This genre is characterized by (sometimes violent) Muslim / pagan encounters culminating in the conversion of the pagans. The discussion of some video films of this genre focuses on i) videomakers" negotiation between the opposing notions of religious education and secular escapism; ii) special effects as a means to make the power of transcendental forces visible, and iii) political subtexts to the narratives, which relate such figures as Muslim martyrs and pagan vampires to the current project of cultural and religious revitalization.##