Bruder/Schwester-Konflikt. Eine Ursprngslegende zur mukanda-Beschneidungsschule (Angola 1965)
Baessler-Archiv 53.2005:117-148
Keywords: circumcision, origin legends, mukanda, makisi, masks

Brother-sister conflict. An origin legend of the mukanda circumcision school (Angola 1965)
##This article gives a glimpse of a little-known culture in southeastern Angola and ist socio-psychological background. It deals with gender conflicts in the remote past. The author, in 1965, was the first anthropological field researcher among the Vambwela, Vankhangala and other ethnic groups in southeastern Angola. The region is now devastated and depopulated, due to the Angolan Civil War: the culture is largely destroyed. Using the methods of psychodynamic analysis, the author traces a royal borther/sister conflict in the text of an aetiological myth concerning the most central institution of the Vambwela: mukanda (the boy"s circumcision school) and makisi (the masks) associated with it.##