Der Geruch des ginn - Phänomenologische Überlegungen zur kulturellen Bedeutungsdimension sinnlicher Erfahrung in Marokko
Curare 29.2006:173-194
Keywords: trance, possession, ginn, sensory experience, olfaction, senses and ritual, ritual and senses

##The odor of the ginn -Phenomenological reflections on the cultural functions of sensory experience in Morocco
The present essay deals with the representative functions of human sensory experience in culture, special focus being laid on ritual performances. Contrary to positivist conceptions of experience and culture the argument presented here is grounded in a phenomenological perspective, claiming that human experience is best understood as meaningful communication between a body-self and its environment. A set of sensory relations is conceptualized as the origin from which all cultural meaning springs. The article attempts to track such processes of sense constitution in the realm of the Moroccan culture of trance and possession. In the course of analyses meaningful correspondences emerge between the communicative features of the senses appealed to by means of ritual media and the conceptual contents to be communicated in ritual. As an empirical example olfaction is chosen whose phenomenological structure can be shown to represent and at the same time realize important social and religious traits of Moroccan cultural existence.##