Memories of revolution: Zur Deutungsgeschichte einer Revolution (Sansibar 1964)
Afrika Spectrum 41.2006:175-197
Keywords: revolution (Zanzibar 1964), changes through revolution

##Memories of revolution: On the interpretation of a revolution (Zanzibar 1964)
The revolution in Zanzibar in 1964 was a major rupture in the country"s history, not only because the event resulted in a complete reversal of Zanzibar"s political set-up, but also due to the fact that it led to the death and emigration of thousands of Zanzibar"s inhabitants thereby generating religious, economic, cultural and social disturbances. These dramatic changes had enormous repercussions, which are felt to this day and continue to form the subject matter of numerous academic, journalistic and literary publications. But notwithstanding its widespread discussion, clarification of the past has not yet been achieved: Various contradictory "memories of revolution" remain, which, to this day, block the emergence of a historic consensus in the collective memory of Zanzibar.##