The global worlds of the Swahili. Interfaces of Islam, identity and space in 19th and 20th century East Africa
(Beiträge zur Afrikaforschung 26)
Berlin: Lit Verlag 2006
409 pp., Euro 34.90; ISBN 3-8258-9769-9
Keywords: Islam, Muslims, Sufis, maulidi ritual, ludic side of Islam, popular culture and Islam, dance and Islam, identities in Islam

##This multidisciplinary volume challenges established ideas about "the world of the Swahili," proposing a perspective that highlights the transitory, shifting, and plural character of East African coastal societies, worldviews, and identities. The contributors give inside accounts of the broad spectrum of local perceptions of the world in the wider Swahili context. They demonstrate how these perceptions have been shaped by the interconnections of the East African coast with other geographical spaces and cultural spheres (especially Arabia, the Indian Ocean, and Europe). Offering new insights into the interaction of local culture, Islam, colonialism, the postcolony, and globalization, the volume shows that the "Swahili" belong to many worlds and continue to cultivate the interfaces between these worlds.##