Die bedrohte Lebenswelt der Enkelinnen. HIV/Aids und der Lebensüber-gang vom Mädchen zur Frau am Beispiel der Hambukushu in Namibia - Ein Fall für eine kritische Rekonstruktion
Curare 28.2005:331-344
Keywords: Hambukushu, coming of age, girls, women, liminality, puberty rites, seclusion, taboo, wedding rituals, HIV, AIDS, morality

##A world threatened for granddaughters: HIV/AIDS and the transition from girl to woman with reference to the Hambukushu in Namibia. A case for critical reconstruction
The spreading of the illness of AIDS in Africa has far-reaching social consequences. To fight the pandemic, constantly more effective strategies are searched for. Even though it is known since long that in transmitting HIV sexual contacts play a central role, it is through them that most infections still happen. Human sexual behaviour is subjected to social impression. Thus, AIDS is not only a medical problem but raises also the question which moral values and views would favour the spreading of the sickness. As in Africa women are the group mostly affected, their sexual socialisation is the focal point of this article. This contribution looks into the question how young women deal with the transition from girl to woman, marked by the first menstruation. The information is based on talks and interviews with girls and women of the Hambukushu of Northern Namibia, and on experiences by the author during her fifteen years living in Namibia.##