Towards an African modernity. Plastic pots and enamel ware in Kanuri-women"s rooms (northern Nigeria)
Paideuma 50.2004:173-195
Keywords: modernity (Africa), pottery, Kanuri women, women and modernity, objects and modernity

In discussing modernities in Africa Platte focuses on certain material goods: ##One very specific aspect of modernity in connection with the exchange of Western goods and ideas and with African consumers is rooted in the role of certain items as a metaphor for the "new way of life"...The processes of recontextualization and of the invention of forms, functions, meanings and aesthetics, as well as the social and spatial context of these objects, will be the focus of the present article. Hence, I shall concentrate mainly on the following levels: First, I shall present the topography of the women"s room, the three central arrangements, i.e. shelving, bed and wall or spaces where industrial goods are accumlated. Secondly, the decoration of the arranged room will be categorized within the wider framework of life-styles in northern Nigeria. Thirdly, a brief insight will be given into the history of European goods in Nigeria. Fourthly the presentation of goods accumulated within the "economy of love" will show how the objects are incorporated into the women"s world.##