Migrations and trade of African football players: historic, geographical and cultural aspects
Afrika Spectrum 41.2006:393-414
Keywords: migration, football players, soccer players, clubs (football), business and sports, culture of sports

##Professional football clubs worldwide are recruiting an increasing number of African players. While the underlying vested interests for profit and business are important, it is on a cultural level that this phenomenon has its greatest impact. The African football player as a popular icon, ambassador and mediator, is invested with a triple role, which is often difficult for him to assume. Indeed, of the multitude of young candidates who exile themselves for football, only a handful manage to pursue a successful career. However, due to the prevailing context of media over-exposure of football, millions of young Africans dream of leaving their country by playing this sport. In many sub-Saharan African countries football is being increasingly considered as a separate career path altogether.##