7143 -- RAAB, KLAUS

Rapping the nation. Die Aneignung von HipHop in Tanzania
(Musikethnologie 6)
Berlin: Lit Verlag 2006
171 pp., 1 CD, Euro 24.90; ISBN 3-8258-9327-8
Keywords: Rap, HipHop, culture of HipHop, nation and music, music and nationalism, ethnomusicology, appropriating HipHop, globalization.

Rapping the nation. The appropriation of HipHop in Tanzania
The author argues that no "Sound", more strongly that HipHop, seems to imply that the world outgoing from the USA is being made "equal". But there are always contexts to music. So, in Tanzania HipHop has become "Bongo Flava" in the process of years of re-arranging, it is distinct on all levels. Raab unravels these processes, describing and documenting several of the most famous rappers in East Africa. Each of them is distinct from the others, but all state that their music is specifically Tanzanian. Starting with narrative interviews in Dar-es-Salaam, the later part of the research drifted more to participant observation with the author living next to the famous group of the Eastcoastmen. Raab discusses the history of HipHop, nation building and "national culture" in Tanzania, Nyerere"s politics, Kiswahili as a unifying factor, the national ngoma, the situation of the media, how HipHop is appropriated in the city, and the local "management of meaning" in discourse.